Before the Krouse’s

We have a saying in our house “This is why the Krouse’s can’t have nice things!”  It is usually said after something that I have paid a lot of money for or something that is held in high regard by one of us is broken, lost or misused.  For example, I don’t recommend a white shag rug in the room where kids end up with snacks and drinks.  White slip covers on the other hand are genius!!  We are a young,  active family of five with busy lives.

Over the 15 years of living in our current house I have gradually changed my design philosophy to reflect the following:

  1. having a space to prepare and enjoy meals together on a daily basis is top of the list
  2.  nothing is precious and / or
  3. everything is useful and hopefully beautiful
  4. home should be a welcoming, comfortable, fun place to be
  5. things that have a story or former life are way more interesting
  6. our home should reflect  our personality as a family
  7. our outside space is as important to us as the inside space
View from the dining room to the front door
View from the dining room to the front door

 I already have some ideas of how our home is going to look once we move in.  The kids (at least the girls) have ideas on how they would like to decorate their spaces as well.  My son’s only request is that we remove the flowered wallpaper from what will be his bedroom.  I love it!  Another man in the house with absolutely no interest in having any input into design decisions.

Dining room through enourmous pocket doors
Dining room through enormous pocket doors

 The house has incredible bones and beautiful original features that the previous owners and the ones before them have done a great job of maintaining.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it!  These are the “Before Krouse” images taken from the MLS listing.  You can see why I am in love with the place!  We are super excited  about becoming the new care takers of Echo Hall.  Hopefully we don’t break it!

The upstairs landing and hallway
The upstairs landing and hallway