I should have been packing but instead I did this….

So we have 26 days till we move and I have started packing.  All the pretty stuff and art is packed away.  The garage is kinda organized and my goal for the last 3 days was to get through packing the basement.  Unfortunately my basement is a huge unfinished space that is  the dumping ground for everything that comes into our house that we don’t know what to do wit

So on my day off today I had planned to go down into the dark basement and sort through and pack all of our crap  and figure out whats coming with us and whats not.  As luck would have it, The Grimsby Archives (home of the Grimsby Historical Society and it’s lovely volunteers) is only open on Mondays and Wednesdays.  And it’s one of the last beautiful days of summer so I headed out to find out what I could about Echo Hall.

I found some interesting stuff and it’s still a glorious day!  You can’t possibly expect me to be in the basement on a day like this.   I am on the porch with  a glass of wine because I know that you are all dying to find out what I learned about Echo Hall.

Echo Hall was the homestead for the first and biggest commercial peach orchard in Ontario in the 1850’s.  The scandal over which of the Woolverton’s built the home was cleared up…it was Charles.  The rest of the family’s children went on to follow professions in medicine and dentistry,  with Charles being the only one to stay in Grimsby and take over the family farm.

Drawing of Woolverton Farm 1870's.
Drawing of Woolverton Farm 1870’s

I also found out how Echo Hall got it’s name!  The family owned land from the Niagara Escarpment to  Lake Ontario (you can see the drawing here of the property as it was taken from the atlas of area dated 1870).  It was said that if you were down by the north end of the property near the lake and yelled up to the house,  the sound would go through the barn and echo back off the escarpment…..Echo Hall!

The brick shed in the side yard would be the perfect smoke house according to my husband Bob.  I found out the it was once the original, you guessed it, smoke house.  And it is included in the historic designation of the property so it is not to be altered or removed.  Which is fine with us because the Krouse’s love their smoked meat!  Pics to follow in future posts when we are ready to get smokin’.

I didn’t find anything cool like “it’s haunted” or “Wayne Gretzky grew up here” but now I know a little bit more about our new home to be.  I was hoping to find a pic of the inside to see what the original fireplace looked like but there are very few pics around of the interior and none of that room.  So I will have to do my best to figure out what the original fireplace might have looked like.  I have some ideas.

And I did finally get down to do some packing.




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