One more sleep!

It’s finally here!  One more sleep till Echo Hall is ours.  The house is packed (pretty much) and we are all tired and excited (totally)!

We have rented a trailer to move all the items that we want to move on our own.  It seems like mostly Christmas decorations; vintage stuff that has been on my grandma’s tree and my mum’s that I would be heartbroken if anything happened to.  And all other special items that we couldn’t trust to anyone else.  In Bob’s case,  our Oktoberfest Beer Stein from Munich and the Official Grey Cup beer mug from 1972.

IMG_0452There has been one small construction project before the move.  Since we have lived here for 15 years it is the only house our kids have ever known.  We have marked their growth on the door jamb between the kitchen and the family  room.    This had to come with us,  so Bob expertly removed it and it will find a home somewhere in the new place.


18 Feet of Christmas Awesome
18 Feet of Christmas Awesome

It seems kind of bittersweet.  This house has been great but we are looking forward to new (old) house and new adventures.  I will miss having the massive Christmas Tree every year.  It is a saying in the Krouse House….”If you are going to do something -do it BIG!”  I am certain Echo Hall can live up to that.

So here we sit on the front porch with a glass of wine for the last time.  Cheers to George Street….It’s been a blast!


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