It’s the smallest room. It won’t take long!

The thing about a house with “character” is that nothing is easy.  The simple task of switchng out an electrical wall plate turns into a full day electrical extravaganza.  Painting a room, one of the smaller rooms in the house, has turned into a full  week long project!!

I love this house!  It has incredible mouldings and millwork.  The radiators are works of art.  But all of these  things require much longer to prep, paint and clean than the  builder basic drywall and tiled house.   I had forgotten this.

For the last six days whenever I wasn’t at work, or driving the kids somewhere, I was prepping, painting and cleaning this one room.  Bob was also doing the work of changing out the electrical to make it “safe for the children” as he puts it.  There is still a bit of knob and tube wiring in the house and he has spent an entire weekend trying to locate it so that it can be safely removed.  The purple room….not really purple, more maroon, is the one room that I like the least in this awesome place and so it was the first I was ready to tackle.

Tonight,  finally, the  painting is almost done, and I am getting excited about the decorating.  We can also  finally get  started on the work of demolishing the eyesore of a fireplace  that was left here.  I am sure it was an excellent source of heat on a cold winters night but it is not at all nice to look at and is therefore the first thing that we will change.

But that is something for my next post…..

In the mean time, here of some pics of how the “Purple room”   is going.

The “purple room” before
The trim gets a coat of white paint
Sophie loves to paint! A huge help.
Sophie loves to paint! A huge help.
Now referred to as the
Now referred to as the “white room”