Lots of little projects.

Work and life have kept me from tackling any big projects over the past week and half.  We  found out that the mantle I bought online is not available as offered (the vendor was not able to produce the product he offered so provided us with a refund).  As a result, I have spent the last week getting small things done while I sort out what to do about finishing the mantle.

repurposed dresser
repurposed dresser

I found a few pieces on kijiji and at local retailers that I have painted and repurposed.  The study will also be home to the bar, now that the dresser I already had has been repurposed.  The amazing couple of Pauline and Joe Creighton at Creighton House  antiques in Jordan are passionate about “old house living”.  I picked up a couple of small pieces from them, including the coffee table in the white room.  It’s not an antique but the  perfect shape scale for the room,  so thought I would go ahead and give it a coat of chalk paint.

The new bar
The new bar

I have never used chalk paint before so I wasn’t sure if it was the right choice.   Cindy Kyle is the owner of  Vintage Vogue  in Smithville,  my local retailer of “Country Chic”chalk paint and a cute little store full interesting antique/vintage treasures.   She is super knowledgeable and gave me some great tips to make my first project go smoothly.  The paint was incredibly nice to work with,  provided great coverage and dried quickly.  I love the instant gratification that a coat of paint provides!


We also installed a great chandelier purchased on Overstock.  A smaller version, knock off,  of what I really wanted but is not in the budget  at the moment.  Aside from the installation that required three sets of hands and two hours of meticulously hanging glass baubles ( all 270 of them!) it was a bargain purchase that pays off in sparkle.  The 80’s brass builder chandelier is finally gone!

170 feet of Christmas Awesome
170 feet of Christmas Awesome


And finally, today, I was also able to get going on some outdoor Christmas decorating as the weather has been unseasonably warm.  Even though the rest of the family thinks it’s a bit too early, I’ve been relentlessly putting on the christmas playlist.    They are finally getting in the spirit.

Up next, we build a mantle for the pain in the butt fireplace,  sew curtains for the white room,  and start painting the rest of the main floor.  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Lots of little projects.

  1. Shannon November 22, 2015 / 1:36 pm

    The house looks beautiful Miss!! You are living my dream 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing it at the Hunter Christmas party. Congrats!!


    • melissakrouse November 22, 2015 / 2:11 pm

      Thanks! Can’t wait to have the whole Hunter clan for the holidays!!


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