Hanging our stockings by the (completely ornamental) chimney with care…

Getting ready for Christmas while undertaking a major construction project does not afford one much spare time.  I always seem to do this.  Take on a major project right before Christmas.  Maybe it’s because I feel like I work better under pressure.  There’s nothing like a deadline to get your butt in gear.  So I apologize for taking so long between posts but here it is…

The pain in the butt fireplace is gone!!  It seems like it took forever.  Bob and I worked together to demo but Bob did most of the construction.  This is when I really appreciate being married to an engineer, it was crucial that this was well designed since  there is not a straight line or square corner in this entire house.  The fact that our pre-fab mantle from ebay didn’t come through is probably a bonus…I am sure that it would not have fit given all the wonky angles in the room.

With the blue tiles..stage 1
We realize the tiles are not Vintage…out they come
My bargain mosaic marble tile score!!







Getting the finishing touches







I can’t say that  because we did the work ourselves, it came in way under budget.   Although,  I did score the tile at half price!  I was hoping that we could keep the cool blue tile we uncovered in the demo but many of the tiles were broken or cracked and when I pulled one out,  it was clear that it was not at all “vintage”  All said and done, Bob and I had many “discussions” (aka “why aren’t you doing it the way I designed?  and “That looks terrible, let’s start over”) but it has been well worth it.  It looks great and there is definitely a feeling of satisfaction that we did it ourselves, together and did not end in divorce!  We have built the mantle and still like each other.  This marriage can survive anything, right?

IMG_0889It’s a week before Christmas and the house is looking very festive.  We now have a place to hang our stockings!  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Now is the time for slowing down and enjoying family and friends.  Let the entertaining begin!  I knew we had done a good job when we hosted the   Hunter Family Christmas party this past weekend and we were all packed into our little room with the pretty mantle!