New Year – New Projects

It has been weeks since I posted and that is due mainly to the business of the holidays and partly the result of a nasty virus that had me in bed for  a week.  Sometimes your body has a way of telling itself to stop and slow down…and it did.

But here we are well into the New Year healthy and ready to tackle some new projects. This is what made the short list.

  • kitchen reno (not in the budget at the moment and still getting used to living with a galley kitchen)
  • laundry room (it is in the perfect location but  needs some work so that we can install our newer appliances and get rid of the shower stall that the washer currently sits in.  Bob also says he doesn’t want to climb on the roof in the middle of January to re-route the venting….what a slacker)
  • painting the main floor (a huge job and I can’t seem to decide on what white to use)
  • the kids rooms (Will is embracing the floral wallpaper in his room so he can wait; Chloe can’t decide what she wants for a design direction so she can wait;  that leaves Sophie who absolutely knows what she wants…the winner!)

Sophie’s room sits in the back of the second floor in what was the original portion of the farmhouse.  It has the 175 year old pine floors and they are in remarkably good shape.  It’s a great size and so when we moved in,  there was plenty of room for the big trestle table desk that we have from ikea.  She’s very crafty and creative so it made perfect sense for it to go there and she has made good use of it. The only downside is it takes up a huge part of the room.  Fortunately, the room has a small nook by the window that is the natural place for a built in desk.  Bob has gotten to work on this using spruce and some pre-fab table legs we found at our local lumbar yard.  A quick and easy project!

Sophie’s room before
the built in desk under construction

Santa (also known as Pottery Barn online) brought Sophie an enormous bean bag chair that she had been lusting over.  However,  there isn’t enough room for both the huge desk and enormous bean bag.  Obviously,  the massive bean bag won out,  cause who needs a desk to do stuff like crafty projects and homework when you could be lounging on a humongous polka dotted pouf?  Along with the bean bag,  Pottery Barn had sheets and  a duvet cover that was exactly what she wanted – something colourful but not too “little girly”.

We now have a design direction that we both like and  have gotten to work designing the space to include lounging, a space for homework/crafting and a super comfy bed while making is exactly “Sophie”.  A built in desk, a lounge area, artwork and some sort  of organization system (a must).  Sophie is an incredibly driven, intense, outging, talented and fun-loving kid.  Being tidy is not one of her qualities, so my job is going to be 1)make her room so awesome and pretty that she couldn’t possibly leave it messy and 2) make it so organized that it will be impossible to leave it messy.

Sophie has decided the walls are to be painted white (I am so proud…she really  is my mini me) because as she says “there’s going to be a lot of colourful stuff going on in there”.   The built-in desk in the little nook will be the perfect size for tucking in to homework or a crafty project and Sophie has found a really cute idea for wall art on Pinterest that displays her favourite photos.  I have also discovered that Pom Pom fringe is a major design element when you are 12!!

DIY…Pom Pom fringe is a major design element

So thats what we’ve got so far….updates as they happen.  Hoping to have it done by the end of the week!









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