Sew much more (other stuff)

Now that Sophie’s room is decorated,  Chloe has gotten excited about having hers done.  She has finally decided what she would like.  Her big reveal will be my next post.  For now, Bob has been travelling quite a bit with work and I have had to take my share of being on call for my job,  so today is just a peek at some other small stuff I have been working on.

The features that make a historic home special can also make it sometimes difficult to decorate.  Ten foot ceilings (awesome) and enormous windows (beautiful) can mean that buying off the rack window treatments  is out of the question.  Window coverings; or  replacement anything (from  hardware to hinges) can be tricky to source and of course that often means expensive.  It  seems to me that owning a really old home is a lot like owning a boat….anything that needs replacing, repairing or installing costs $1000; minimum.

Custom window treatments fall easily into that category (besides…  I can not find what I have in mind…probably because it’s so awesome no one has thought of it yet).  So I have taken it upon myself to dust off my mum’s old sewing machine and make my own stuff.  Custom draperies/slip covers and upholstery are not in the budget and I have some basic sewing skills.  What I mean by that is ” I can sew a straight line.”  Luckily,   the  projects I have tackled so far haven’t been that difficult.  With the hopes of expanding into something a little more challenging; I am taking sewing classes.  My kids think I am a total nerd.

The advantage to having something custom-made (or making it yourself) is that you know for sure that your neighbour won’t have the same thing, they fit perfectly and you get exactly what you want.

Custom drapery and pillows. I made it myself!
Custom drapery and pillows. I made it myself!


So there’s a shot of  the drapery panels I made for the white room along with a couple of pillows.   I also took a page from my design idol’s Sarah Richardson’s book and instead of spending a fortune on a big natural fibre rug, I bought two smaller rugs and some Jute twine from the Dollar store and sewed the two together.  It turned out better than expected! You can’t even see the seam where the two meet and I have a big rug that is the right size for my room at a fraction of the cost.

Dollar store twine and voila! One big rug.
Dollar store twine and voila! One big rug.


I am hoping by the end of next week Bob will have recovered enough from his jet lag to help me paint and move furniture.  So next post should be Chloe’s room reveal…In the meantime,  a preview of one of the fabrics we chose as an accent.  Beautiful!

Beautiful girl (and the fabric is pretty too).
Beautiful girl (and the fabric is pretty too).



4 thoughts on “Sew much more (other stuff)

  1. Wendy February 4, 2016 / 3:52 am

    I love the look, Melissa and Chloe!

    I know you’re sewing your Mom’s soul into every stitch and her Irish eyes are smiling.


  2. W ynne February 4, 2016 / 10:43 am

    Am proud of you. You go girl!


  3. Not your Husband. February 5, 2016 / 9:02 am

    Wow. Your husband must be a saint. After travelling all that time, to come back and help you paint and work. Lucky girl!


  4. Chloe Krouse February 5, 2016 / 4:58 pm

    I think I’m the best part of this, no wonder you’re getting so many views lately!! 😉


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