Chloe’s Surprising Room Reveal

My oldest daughter Chloe has never been a girly girl.  Even when all the other little girls were wearing pink wings and obsessing about butterflies,  she loved orange and digging in the dirt to find bugs.  So when she said she was ready to redecorate her room and  wanted the walls to be lavender,  I have to admit I was a bit shocked.

Chloe's room Before
Chloe’s room Before

It’s amazing how quickly my  girls have grown up and their tastes have changed.   Chloe  is a beautiful young woman who kicks butt on the volleyball court and can get a horse to jump over stuff that scares the pants off of me!  She’s definitely coming into her own and developing her own sense of style.   Thankfully, it turns out to be what we both like…classic but at the same time feminine.


Chloe is probably the easiest kid to get along with but she is also incredibly determined (stubborn).  There were a few moments of disagreement when we were deciding on her rooms major elements.  Like the paint colour Chloe originally picked – it was definitely  lavender.  I said it was too dark; Chloe said she didn’t want another white room.  So in an effort to support my teenager and encourage her to make her own choices,  I painted her room in the colour she picked out.

Once the paint had dried I called her up to weigh in on how it looked.  She looked at me and said “I think it’s too dark…. do you think it’s too dark?”  I tried to be  supportive and not pull out the I told ya so,  so I responded with “Yup!  It looks like the Easter Bunny threw up in here!”  We agreed, I painted the room again and we ended up with the right colour and my kid is happy.  That’s what it’s all about right?

The right lavender

The next hurdle was the bedding.  I asked her to trust me with this one.    Keeping in mind  that she likes nothing better than making a hot cup of tea, burrowing under the covers and watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix,  making her bed pretty and super cozy was the goal.  Something colourful but classic.  In my books, there is nothing better than fresh, crisp sheets and a fluffy duvet and that has definitely rubbed of on the kids.    The Amy Butler duvet was something we had bought a couple of years ago.  After a quick trip to Ottawa street,  I sourced one of Amy’s fabrics to act as an accent for the existing roller blind and the rattan chair’s seat cushion.  Every room needs a little DIY!

A cozy colourful place for Netflix marathons

The dressing table was a piece that we have had sitting in the garage for a few years.  We didn’t have the right spot for it in the old house but I held on to it in the hopes one of the girls would want it.  Chloe picked the colour and I found the perfect shiny brass hardware.   Navy and brass are always a classic combination – the perfect piece for my classic girl.  I love how the navy keeps the room from looking too much like an easter egg  gone wrong,  yet still pulls all the elements together.

Drab Dressing Table Before


The beautiful after

All said and done, there were two paint jobs, a refurbished dressing table, a super cozy bed and a little DIY.  It’s classic but fun – just like my girl!  The best part – we both like it.




2 thoughts on “Chloe’s Surprising Room Reveal

  1. Jennie February 17, 2016 / 10:17 pm

    That dressing table looks amazing as does the entire room. Lucky Chloe!


    • melissakrouse February 19, 2016 / 7:25 am

      If there was a mini fridge in there I would never see her!


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