Radiators and Raccoons.

Its been a massive painting party here at thekrousehouse the last two weeks.  And when I say “party” I mean that mostly just  Bob and I and occasionally the kids have been pitching in to “git er done”.  Being well stocked with wine and soaking in the hot tub at the end of the day also helps!  The plan was to try and get the painting on the main floor done by the time the weather turns warm.   We have some big plans for the outside and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty.

We’ve been going steady for the past two weeks and only have a few little things to finish up this very big space (reveal of the living and dining room coming in the next post).  Unfortunately, the radiators have to be left till the season ends since they can not be painted until they are off – leaving me with a number of butter yellow rads to remind us of how old and tired the original paint job was.  Luckily the rads in the house are all quite beautiful and ornamental in addition to being awesomely warm.


Radiator in Dining Room circa 1850.  Fully equipped with  compartment to keep your food and/or plates warm (not for drying your knickers Audrey)


I have not been able to decide on what colour to paint the radiators.  A dilemma for sure since it’s not a simple job to repaint if I decide to change them.  White like the trim or a satin black like the doors??  Shoot me a comment if you have an opinion either way and we can put it to a vote…..(Bob says I will likely benignly look at your opinions and then make up my own mind.  That is possible but at this point I am unable to decide so let me know what ya think.)

The front entrance, living and dining rooms have been painted so far.  Here’s the entrance  before and lovely after.  I went for a bright white for the trim in a semi-gloss finish and a rich black for the door in a satin finish.  It almost looks like a classic black tuxedo with the original white porcelain doorknob as the cufflink!  Of course any black tie affair needs a little sparkle so I moved the “Bling” chandelier from the dining room (it wasn’t quite the right size or scale for the room but I love it) and hung it in the entrance where it works perfectly.

The front entrance before


The front entrance after…the bling has found a new home at the front door. It’s perfect there.

A funny footnote….

The morning I was painting the front door I saw something out of the corner of my eye on the  porch.  A very cute, very big raccoon had wondered up there and was sniffing around my planters.  After unsuccessful attempts to shew him away I called the SPCA.  They sent out this guy who was like some kind of raccoon whisperer and in a bout 30 seconds had caught the poor thing.   Not to worry neighbours – not Rabies but something called Distemper that I understand is fatal to raccoons but not dangerous to humans.  Sorry Rocky 😦



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