My Hovercraft is full of eels….and other stuff.

I couldn’t come up with a good title for this weeks blog post because it is a bit of a mishmash of a bunch of little things we’ve been up to.  Shovelling poop and going to the dump didn’t have much of a ring to it.   Unfortunately, that’s mostly what we’ve been doing  to get ready to plant our veggie garden.  So I asked Bob to come up with a title – and that explains it.  The garden is ready for seeds and seedlings if the weather would just be less like winter and Bob is looking for an excuse to buy a pair of overalls – planting stuff makes us farmers and farmer = overalls.

I am super excited  to update you all on how our four surviving chicks are making out.  They are growing like crazy; looking a lot more like chickens than fluffy little chicks.  They have moved out to the garage for a few weeks before they can be finally moved into their coop  (they  still need to be under the heat lamp until the rest of their feathers come in).

Beyonce and Pearl
Beyonce and Pearl

I have had to install some wire mesh over their pen because Marjorie keeps trying to fly out.  As soon as the mesh comes up she flutters up and perches on the edge.  She’s very cheeky.  She has quickly become Sophie’s new favourite because she doesn’t really mind being picked up and she is very friendly.  She also doesn’t mind having her picture taken.

Sophie and Marj
Sophie and Marj

Just two weeks ago they were small enough to fit in the palm of her hand.  They are all growing well – eating tonnes.  Actually about 10kg of chick feed so far- I think alot of it is getting tossed out with the shavings from their pen because they tend to peck and scratch it out of the feeder and onto the ground.  Or they stand on it and poop in it – charming!   I think that a new more grown up chicken feeder is in my future.   Anyhow, they are doing great, still cute and can’t wait to get them outside.

I have also been working on some more painting in the living room.  The built – ins on either side of the dining room door offer some great storage and display space but looked quite dated and dingy in the old yellow paint that the trim and radiators had been done in.  So I have taken off the doors and started on brightening them up.  They aren’t original to the house so I felt like they were due for a little transformation.

Built -In Shelves Before
The shelves have a coat of white paint and doors gone!

It completely brightens up the room to have these built-ins painted in the same white as the trim.  And removing the doors opens up lots of possibilities for display.  I felt like I wanted to inject some colour into the room, so I decided to use an accent of blue on the back wall of both shelves. I painted only one  as a test but I love it so the rest will definitely be getting done.   Stay tuned and I will reveal the completed styled shelves in the next post…shelfies!