Baby Chick Update – week one. They’ve moved in.

We have had our baby chicks for exactly one week and happily, they are much less work than I thought they would be.

I set their brooder up, where they live under the heat lamp, in our garage when we brought them home last week.  It provides more than enough space and was quite a convenient location for me and the kids to check in on them regularly. Unfortunately, it turned quite cold last week here in southern Ontario and after their first night in the garage it was clear that they were not going to be warm enough out there.  Even with the lamp,  I found them the first morning huddled together  underneath it…. a sure sign they were too cold.

So I did what any self respecting chicken farmer would do and invited them in.  I found a big Rubbermaid container to put them in.   It’s a perfect  makeshift brooder that works  to contain them and houses all the things they need (heat, food and water).  It’s actually kinda nice that they are inside….a fun distraction for the kids, convenient for providing what they need and they  peep and chirp throughout the day.  Happy background noise!

The forecast for the next week looks like below freezing temperatures overnight and that means two things for thekrousehouse.  Our house guests are staying for a while and my dreams of starting my kick ass veggie garden will have to wait.  I guess if it stays this cold I could start knitting them sweaters instead 😉

Here’s this week’s photo of the girls.  They are growing very quickly and are already losing their downy fluff on their wings and growing their feathers.  They grow up so fast!

The girls are a week old!
Gladys’ downy fluff is being replaced by feathers.  

Check in for regular updates on Gladys, Gertrude, Pearl, Marjorie and Beyonce.


2 thoughts on “Baby Chick Update – week one. They’ve moved in.

  1. Shannon April 5, 2016 / 9:42 pm

    They are so cute!! I guess I know where to go if I want to try an incubator in my classroom next year 🙂


    • melissakrouse April 5, 2016 / 9:55 pm

      Totally cute and quite social…I recommend you call ahead to reserve a room for your chicks at thekrousehouse as we book up quickly 😉


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