A Pet Cemetery and the Krouse Family Plot

We’ve had some sad happenings at thekrousehouse over the last few days.  Gladys, our smallest yellow chick, died last week.  Sophie came home from school and found her still alive but definitely almost an ex-chick.  We tried to give her water and keep her comfortable and warm wrapped up in a tea towel but around dinner time she was gone.  This made for some interesting dinner  conversation.  Sophie was obviously heartbroken (Gladys was her favourite) so Chloe offered to sing at the service,  which upset Sophie even more.  Will asked who Gladys was…..that’s pretty much how it went down.  We had a quiet family service in the new Pet Cemetery at Echo Hall (the corner of the yard behind the smokehouse).

Naturally, I scoured the internet for any ideas why a baby chick might die and found about a hundred reasons including my favourite……baby chicks just die….that’s it.  Sophie, as you can imagine, did not find this at all consoling.  On the bright side, the other four chicks (Gertrude, Pearl, Marjorie and Beyonce) are all doing very well.  They are growing like crazy, eating and pooping like crazy and actually flying to perch on the edge of their brooder.  Check out how big they are…..two weeks old!

They are getting big!  Feathers instead of downy fluff.

Everyone knows that if you want to be a real farmer you can’t just have animals; you have to grow stuff too.  Since we are farmer wannabe’s we have decided to plant a huge kick-ass veggie garden.  I found a great plan from an organic gardening source that I was able to modify to the space we had and what we want to plant.  The size of it (bigger in reality than it looked  on paper) is huge and makes me wonder if we are actually farming and not gardening any more….we may be in over our heads.  So we took advantage of a weekend at home and got the beds for the veggie garden dug out right before it started to snow (WTF???).

Once we were done,  I stood back to have a look. I love it’s symmetry and once a little fence it built around it, it will be perfect.   I couldn’t help thinking though – it looks like we have dug a bunch of shallow graves.  I wonder what the neighbours are thinking….probably that we’re super good gardeners or serial killers posing as gardeners.  Not sure yet.  So everyone has claimed their plot (we all agreed the round one is for Uncle Paul) and if this garden thing doesn’t work out ….well,  we can use the space for something else 😉

Vegetable garden beds – or a bunch of shallow graves?

I heard a rumour that spring might actually be happening.  So once it does, I will post  on what’s getting planted.   Don’t forget to check back regularly for baby chick updates.


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