Eggs!! And other cool stuff we’ve been growing…

It’s been exactly 23 weeks since we brought our day old baby chicks home and today it finally happened….Eggs!! Well not eggs exactly BUT one egg!  Every day for the last three weeks we have checked the nest boxes with anticipation – waiting.  The girls texted me at work to say they were letting the ladies out into the yard and found this……

The first Egg!!!

It’s perfect.   It is also completely amazing to me that these quirky birds can produce such perfection in 6 short months.  Such delicious perfection.  And they keep on doing it once a day for years!!   All they need from us is fresh water,  a regular source of chicken feed (as well as whatever else they find in my garden/yard) and protection from all those nasty foxes. It is hard to tell from this photo but the first eggs a hen lays are  a bit smaller that a normal egg but they quite quickly work up to regular size.  I took this photo for comparison.

Our first free range egg. It is slightly smaller than the white store-bought version on the right.

The hens are now sustaining and entertaining us…awesome!  It makes it completely worth the disappointment of my cabbage and peppers being eaten and the fact that they are using my newly planted bed of carrots for their dust bath.  Argh!!

The ladies ranging in the yard.  We can’t tell Gertrude and Pearl apart anymore so we just refer to them now as “the twins.”

There are a few things that the chickens haven’t eaten.  Sophie harvested our potatoes and loved digging in the dirt.  I am hoping she  is finally developing a love of (bikini) gardening.

The zucchini and tomatoes are looking great.  The Rapini seeds brought from Germany are coming up and doing well. And I was so excited to find this on the weekend that I am out every day making sure it hasn’t become chicken feed.




My cabbage is looking pretty sad but check out the Rapini!  Thanks Aaron.

An exciting and plentiful week at thekrousehouse. We’ll keep the sprinkler going and keep you posted.