It’s not that I haven’t done anything lately…..

All of us here at thekrousehouse have done a very good job of enjoying our favourite time of year.  And that means that there has been no time to sit in front of the computer.  It’s just that it’s summer and us Canadians wait so long!  And it’s been such an awesome, hot, fun-filled time so far that I have not been able to make  time to sit down and blog. But now I find myself at home for a couple of weeks, sitting on the porch watching the chickens with a glass of wine in hand.

Both Bob and Sophie have birthdays in July,  so it has always been our tradition to have a big party to celebrate.  In the past,  we have hosted at the beach in Long Point but we decided this year to have our big summer bash here at Echo Hall.  The front yard screams summer party and it’s close to home for almost everyone, so it made perfect sense.

The porch is part of what sold me on this place.  Standing here looking out for the first time I could picture the kids all getting married here under a big white tent…no pressure of course but you get the idea.  It is perfect for entertaining… one of those porches that makes you think of lemonade  (wine/beer), long summer days and hot summer nights.  So it was top of list to find the right seating before hosting a big group.  What worked on our old porch was too modern for here and not nearly big enough.  I had been looking for months on kijiji and other online sources for the perfect porch furniture with our summer party in mind.

As luck would have it, I was out for a run one saturday morning in my neighbourhood and spotted this steal at a garage sale!  Vintage and the perfect scale,  I scooped it up without hesitation.  Bob was a bit confused when I called him to come get me  and grab some cash on the way….Never one to question my design direction he picked me up.  However,  he did comment that I was the only person in the world he knew who could go out for a run and come home with furniture.  See?? Exercise is good for you!


Vintage Bamboo with fabric right out of someone’s 1980 sunroom!  It’s perfect!

Clearly, full of potential and a bargain…. I felt like that Ikea commercial where the woman is frantically yelling “start the car!!”  And once we got it home it was the perfect fit.  I had aspirations of recovering the cushions but  reality set in and I realized that if I took this project on,  we likely would not have porch furniture until at least Thanksgiving.  With some convincing,  I was able to talk my incredibly talented sewing instructor, Stephanie Diemert (sewing with stephanie) into recovering them for me.  It was well worth the cost and the finished project is back home.

Porch Perfection

With comfy seating out of the way, we got to work on great lighting, cold drinks and live music.  The makings of a great night.


Candles light the walkway from the driveway to yard
Lanterns from Ikea and twinkle lights set the mood under the Maple Tree

Comfy Seating…check.


Cold drinks….the best part about having your brother-in-law living across the street is when your brother-in-law is also a brewmaster at Nickelbrook Brewery and sets up ice-cold draught beer for your party on the front porch.  I could get used to this… Thanks Nickelbrook and Jack!  The Raspberry Berliner was a crowd favourite and the perfect summer drink.

Ice cold Nickelbrook Beer on tap on the Porch….I could get used to this!

And of course no party is complete without some live music.  “Fiddling Around” featuring Natalie Walker played on the porch throughout the evening.  Audrey threatened to get out her hard shoes – they were that good!


It was a great night.  Thanks to all who came and Happy Birthday Bob and Sophie!


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