A Chicken Castle

The Poulet Chalet is done!  The hens have moved in and they are loving it….so much more room, and it’s the perfect venue for hosting ladies night.

It's done! Celebrating.
It’s done! Celebrating.

It cost twice as much as I had planned and took twice as long.  So it was exactly like every other reno project we’ve tackled.  The best part was, apart from now having the most kick-ass (only)  chicken coop in the neighbourhood, I have learned some invaluable new skills…..like shingling a roof, floating concrete and my personal fave – the jigsaw. We spent 6 weekends working on this so it goes without saying that Bob was a really good sport.  I did have to ply him with alcohol more than once.

Having Bob as my co-contractor meant that I had someone to make sense of the blueprints (I found these a bit confusing)and run electrical for light in the nest box and the heated waterer that is essential in the really frigid winter months.  He’s also really good at carrying heavy stuff and digging.

We have done the calculations and figure that our eggs at this point are costing us approximately $45 /each.  I just have to convince him now that expanding our flock in the spring with a few more layers  is the best way bring our cost per egg down….easy right?  Besides, look how pretty it is.  Totally worth it.


The Poulet Chalet!

Its finished! A bit of grading and repair of the landscape but that will wait till spring.  With the chalet done and the weather turning cold it’s time to head back indoors.  Next up…  Will’s room.