It’s a Manly Floral

When we moved into Echo Hall over a year ago,  I let the kids pick their rooms,  knowing they would sort it out between them.  Much to my surprise,  Will chose the room closest to us,  that also happened to be the only room in the house that had wallpaper installed.  Not just any wallpaper;   “a manly floral” as he described it.

The Before shot of Wil's room with the "manly floral" wallpaper.
The Before shot of Will’s room with the “manly floral” wallpaper.
Another "before" shot of Will's room.
Another “before” shot of Will’s room.

There were already a number of pieces in the room that we had pulled together for the update, so  when Will finally said he was ready for a change,   we had an idea of what direction the room was going in.  Shades of grey,  along with orange and black accents.  I had found a huge,  vintage school map that was the jumping off point for our colour scheme quite a while ago  and couldn’t wait to get it installed in his room.

After living in this room for over a year (“I’m embracing the floral”)  my boy finally decided he was ready for a change.  Perhaps,  it is the fact the he has grown about a foot and a half in the last year and no long fits comfortably into the twin bed.  His request, come to think of it, wasn’t actually to have his room redecorated.  He really just wanted a “big boy bed” that he could stretch out in.  Of course,  I interpreted that to mean….Mom, please redecorate my room…..Done!

Once the wallpaper came down it was obvious why it had been installed.  The walls in this room, unlike the rest of the house , are in pretty rough shape.  With Christmas looming, I wasn’t interested in getting into a big re-plastering job, so I found a beautiful grasscloth wallpaper we could both agree on.

If you have ever worked with grasscloth before you will know that it is a complete pain in the ass to put up.  However, the pay off is huge.  It creates a rich textured surface that is akin to having fabric on the walls.   It added the perfect masculine,  wallpapered backdrop I was looking for.

There were lots of little DIY’s in his room, starting with the headboard.  The matching urn lamps were a Grimsby Benevolent Fund score (our local version of Goodwill/Thrift Store) that were a  gross, fake brass.   All they needed was a coat of black paint and new shades.    I was also able to incorporate some of Will’s original artwork from way back,  along with a super cute self-portrait he took years ago.  Overall, most of the room is either vintage,  upcycled or DIY’d.

Will’s Big Boy room.  The vintage school map inspired the colour scheme.
The headboard was a super simple DIY using plywood / foam and a graphic print fabric.  The lamps were a local thrift store find that were completely transformed with new shades and a coat of paint.  The grasscloth gives the room a lovely, soft textured backdrop.


I try to work vintage elements into every room.  The map, trunk and blanket were all great scores!  Keeping it simple with shades of grey , orange and black,  paired with geometric patterns to pull it all together.
Will’s own artwork and photography from elementary school adorns the walls.
Of course no room would be complete without something from Ikea….the linen drapery panels were the perfect shade of grey.  The extra long length allowed me to install them well above the window casing,  highlighting the huge window and 10 foot ceilings.  

Will loves it.  For a teenage boy to get up and make his bed….well that’s gotta mean something, right?  It turned out to be a budget friendly room that’s masculine,  comfortable and suits him perfectly.  And I love it too!  A win/win for sure.

Now that we are into the long dark days of winter, I am going to be getting into a few more DIY projects.  If there is anything that you would like to see in future  posts,  let me know in the comments.  I’d love to hear from you.



3 thoughts on “It’s a Manly Floral

  1. Audrey Egan January 11, 2017 / 8:17 pm

    Its amazing!!! Well done all of you!

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    • melissakrouse January 11, 2017 / 8:19 pm

      Thanks Aud, can’t wait for you to come see it. Should we do the guest room next?


      • Audrey Egan January 12, 2017 / 4:57 pm

        yes please!


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