Endless Summer…a photo album.

I’m not sure that anyone has noticed but I took a bit of a hiatus from thekrousehouse over the summer.  I am sure that you are about to point out that summer has actually been over for quite some time.  You are right… but up until the last couple of days it has still felt like summer.   I didn’t consciously decide in May that I wasn’t going to blog all summer; it just happened that way.  Now that it is too cold to have my morning coffee on the porch,  it means it’s time to get back at it.

I have to confess.    Although we were fortunate to have the usual routine of shuttling between the cottage and home,  I found this year to be incredibly difficult.  Having three teenagers kinda crept up on me.  I knew it was happening but it still hit me hard.  Packing up the five of us (usually with a few friends tagging along) just doesn’t happen anymore.  They have part time jobs and are passionate about sports and friends.   It came as quite a shock and a crushing surprise that I am the last person that they want to spend their summer weekends with.  So  try as I might to plan family time, it didn’t happen very often that we were all together in one place.  Most of the time, while I was at home, I was thinking and worrying about what was going on at the cottage and while  at the cottage, I was hoping to hell that “the krousehouse banger” was not out of control.

It’s all about trust and responsibility and letting go…….that doesn’t sound like summer fun at all.

So I decided that since our family time was going to be hard to come by,  I would try less to blog and style it the way I thought it should happen and instead try to capture as many memories as I could by just experiencing it and hoping for the best.

By the way, the garden thrived and the chickens did what chickens do.   At least they still love me 😉

Our summer photo album…..

After dinner popsicle on the porch
Cooling off with a mid – afternoon snack.
The garden thrived. Kale for as far as the eye could see.
Our Happy Place
Beach life and old friends.
Oskee Wee Wee!!
Culture and Art in the city.
Boozy beef stew in honour of Perline our friend from France….. these people know how to eat!
There may have been some drinking.
Thanksgiving and it still feels like summer.

Hope your summer was filled with fun and family and may your teenagers still want to hang out with you once in a while.  Cheers and Happy Fall!


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